Dynamic in their approach and consistent in their success, our cost consultancy team are primed for any job you may have.



Benchmarking collates and compares data to provide cost efficiencies and support your business in the years ahead.

We use benchmarking to provide our clients with evidence of actual costs and inform decision making during the development life cycle. We aim to deliver efficiencies to continuously improve performance upon previous projects.

Benchmarking can be applied to a whole project or to specific elements to:

  • Inform cost modelling in the early stages of a project
  • Determine affordability
  • Identify abnormal costs
  • Establish cost targets during design development
  • Identify value engineering opportunities
  • Inform decisions, such as suggesting alternative design solutions and procurement methods
  • Confirm that building elements fall within expected cost parameters
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to continually monitor and improve performance
  • Ensure value for money

The wealth of information that we gain through benchmarking allows us to offer you solutions based on accurate data, specific to you and your business, and do so quickly and efficiently.


Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies assess the viability of a proposed scheme or project financially, commercially and technically.

At BWP, we plan detailed briefs with the client before assessing the various factors that will influence a project, providing a detailed and concise report evaluating any schemes.

Our reports are project specific and therefore are tailored to suit each instruction, but fundamentally comment and advise on:

  • Specification/scope of works
  • Design and layout possibilities (with our in-house architects) and restrictions
  • Budget costs including professional, statutory and other fees
  • Options appraisal
  • Programme and timing
  • Statutory compliance matters such as planning, Building Regulations and Listed Building Consent, CDM, sustainability, legal/lease obligations etc.

Feasibility studies are an essential stage in the construction procurement process for the client, as they fully evaluate a scheme prior to committing significant capital expenditure.

In the event that additional specialist consultants are required to provide advice and contribute to the report, BWP acts as the Project Manager/Lead Consultant, ensuring that there is a coordinated approach to the feasibility study.


Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

BWP manages construction costs, from inception to the final account, ensuring maximum value. We work with our clients to increase value and reduce risk whilst delivering solutions to achieve our clients’ goals.

BWP manages throughout the entire project life cycle across three key areas:

  • Establishing a budget – we use our knowledge and expertise to provide viable options to fulfil client objectives and achieve cost-efficient designs
  • Effective procurement – selecting the most suitable strategy, controlling risk and getting the best price when appointing contractors
  • Managing construction costs – our rigorous cost control systems ensure stability and make sure you are aware of outgoings

On top of this, we continually review our practices and improve where we can at all stages of the project.

The current offering that our cost management and quantity surveying services includes:

  • Feasibility Cost Advice
  • Cost Planning and Estimating
  • Benchmarking
  • Procurement and Strategic Contract Advice
  • Tender Documentation and Pricing Documents
  • Change Control
  • Post Contract Cost Management and Valuations
  • Final Account Negotiation and Settlement


Procurement & Tendering

Procurement and tendering strategies are essential elements of successful construction projects. BWP’s experience in planning and deploying bespoke strategies with our clients means you can feel safe knowing that risk will be reduced and cost efficiency will increase.

Three key drivers – time, cost and quality – influence the final choice of procurement. We prioritise these factors at an early stage and form the best team, taking into consideration your attitude towards risk and compliance. Alongside this, we will further consider the size, value and complexity of the project and your preferences.

We have experience of all procurement routes and contract arrangements, allowing us to lead you and your team through the process.

We frequently work with single stage tendering, two stage tendering and negotiated tender.

Not one to settle into old habits, BWP has also developed solutions to reduce the overall timescale through enabling works in advance of the main contract works.


Whole-Life / Life Cycle Costing

BWP adds value to your property assets through its Whole-Life Life Cycle Costing service. We will provide analysis and options on various assets within your project, in a holistic yet precise way.

The whole-life costs of a building include not only the capital costs of building it, but the future expenditures too. By adopting a whole-life approach to design, you can enhance asset value in the long term, due to a higher initial capital investment.

We provide cost advice to both developers and end users, based on the costs of construction, maintenance, operation and occupancy. Whole-life value also considers options for disposal or redevelopment at the end of the life cycle period.

Our life cycle costing tools enable us to compare options using energy, component life cycle and revenue implications. We provide detailed reports using guidance from ISO 15685–5, as well as the Standardised Method of Life Cycle Costing for Construction Procurement.