The introduction of the role of Principal Designer in the 2015 Construction Design & Management Regulations has seen BWP build on previous experience as CDM Co-ordinator under the 2007 regulations.

The skills developed over 20 years of acting as the CDM Co-ordinator have allowed BWP to stay at the forefront of providing the specialist advice and support needed to allow both clients and Design Teams to fulfil their duties under the new legislation.

Increased commissions for diverse projects

Since 2015 BWP has seen a significant increase in commissions to act as Principal Designer on a wide range of projects, from major industrial to educational, leisure and ecclesiastical projects. The practice has also found that their knowledge and experience has enabled them to extend their support to a number of Architectural organisations who need external assistance in fulfilling the Principal Designer role.

Advice and support on smaller projects

The change in regulations has also meant that domestic and much smaller commercial projects, which previously did not come within the scope of the legislation, are now subject to the regulations. BWP has found that their advice and support, even on much smaller projects, has also been valued by premises and facilities managers across a range of estates.

If you have need of a Principal Designer for a project, or of a health and safety CDM specialist to support your organisation in meeting their legal requirements, please call john valentine on 07434921279 or email